Western Iowa Grape Growers Association

Our Values

As an organization we have several roles:

1. To gather and provide information regarding viticulture (culture of grapes).

2. To better the conditions of those engaged in viticulture and encourage sustainsable viticulture.

3. To improve the quality and marketability of grapes produced through the use of education and research.

4. To promote the wine industry and other value-added uses of grapes.

5. To network and cooperate with related government agencies, education institutions, development organizations and private industry to address these stated purposes.

6. To promote a healthy social and political environment conducive to grape growing and wine making for benefits of the corporate membership.

We have a common ambition to learn and share our knowledge and skills in the areas of viticulture and enology. The Western Iowa Grape Growers Association was formed in October 2000. We are an active group with learning and training activities that range from the classroom setting to onsite workshops and tours of members vineyards. All members are invited to attend any of the Board Meetings which are announced on this web page.