Western Iowa Grape Growers Association

The Western Iowa Grape Grower Associations Pick Your Own Grapes program is intended to connect Home Wine Makers with participating vineyards. Each vineyard has an assortment of different grapes that they grow and some have crushers/destemmers and presses to assist in your winemaking efforts. Most vineyards will let you know when certain varieties are ready to pick. Contact the vineyard to find out what varieties they grow, price per pound and services available (crusher/destemmer/press). The following Western Iowa Vineyards are participating in the WeIGGA Pick Your Own Grapes program:

Contact the vineyard for details such as hours, varieties, events.


Vineyard Name: Black Squirrel Vineyard & Winery
Owner Name: Jolene & Charlie Caldwell
Address: 18506 270th Street
Phone: 712-566-2681
Size of Vineyard (Acre): 10 acres
Total number of vines: 1200
County Vineyard is located: West Pottawattamie


Vineyard Name: Prairie Crossing
Owner Name: Andy & Julianna Hrasky
Address: 31506 Pioneer Trail, Treynor
Phone: 487-3812
Size of Vineyard (Acre): 3
Total number of vines: 1280
County Vineyard is located: Pottawattamie


Vineyard Name: South Point Vineyard
Owner Name: Jim and Janet Lang
Address: 21341 Eastman Road - Glenwood,IA 51534
Phone: 712-527-5404
Size of Vineyard (Acre): 1.5 acres
Total number of vines: 600 vines
County Vineyard is located: Mills County


Vineyard Name: Victorian Vineyard
Owner Name: Doug and Brenda Grave
Address: 60373 Kidd Rd, Glenwood, IA 51534
Phone: 712-527-3356/Cell: 402-618-3640
Size of Vineyard (Acre): 6 Acres
Total number of vines: 3400